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Our children are the future and we need to ensure that they are prepared for it. Let’s Learn Islam focuses on providing a modern approach to understanding Islam and connecting with the Quran through one-to-one or group classes.

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Enrol with us today and get access to quality Islamic education in English.

Affordable Pricing

Our classes are affordable and we have many different packages available, starting from just £15 per month.

Delivered in English

Suited to Muslims in the UK and US, all of our classes are in English so you and your child can study comfortably.

Qualified Teachers

Each teacher has been vetted to ensure that the quality of education is up to the high standard that you expect.

Microsoft Teams

We have invested in the technology that we use to deliver our classes to enhance the learning experience.

Flexible Packages

We understand the complexities of the West, so we have a number of packages to suit your requirement.

Curriculum Based

From Level 1 to Level 4 Islamic studies and beyond, we can ensure there is constant progression for all students.

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Enrol with us today and get access to quality Islamic education in English.

What topics are taught?

We have a wide range of topics that we teach. Each topic is taught using our own professionally designed books. Here are just a few of them:

...and many more topics!
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Teaching is just the beginning

Karimia Institute, its staff and volunteers are driven to serving others, especially those that are underprivileged and vulnerable in our society. We work in partnership with many organisations to deliver some of our services. Karimia Institute has been providing educational, community welfare and religious services to the Muslim community since 1990. All these activities are helping the Muslims in the UK to fulfil their religious obligations and to live as good citizens.



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