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This book aims to teach children the key skills that will help them to become good Muslims through…

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    Islamic Studies
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This book aims to teach children the key skills that will help them to become good Muslims through learning their beliefs, manners, morals and the beautiful life example of the blessed Prophet. They will also learn how to pray and all the details of Fiqh of prayer.

This book is a response to the need of teachers and children in the Quran School. It will enable teachers to teach students to understand their beliefs, attitudes, morals and manners that will shape their worldview. Children between the ages of 7 and 11 should begin to take responsibility for their own personal hygiene, learn how to; do Wudhu, pray, develop Islamic manners and have moral virtues. We believe that at this tender age children need to feel positive about Islam and proud of being a Muslim, thus building their self-confidence and self esteem which is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. The teachings of morals and manners will help children to build healthy relationships at home, at school and with their neighbours.
This textbook is for the Quran school or the evening Madrassa which are run in Masajid throughout the UK. This is a new series of textbooks for children in the Quran school.

The course is divided into the following six sections;

  • Aqaid; beliefs of Islam,
  • Fiqh; detailed rulings about worship and other aspects of daily life,
  • Sirah; the biography of the blessed Prophet,
  • memorisation of Duas and Surahs that are recited in the daily prayers,
  • morals; the training, which enables a person to be good, kind and caring,
  • and manners; polite and courteous ways of dressing, speaking and eating.

This series has been written to meet the requirements of the syllabus developed at Karimia Institute. The generous use of visual images has made this series highly attractive, beautiful and inspiring. We have tried to balance the traditional approach of rote learning the memorisation of the Dua and Surah with the understanding of the teachings of Islam. The images have been carefully selected to make children think about God’s magnificent creation thus strengthening their Iman giving them a deeper understanding of life. The pictures of rich heritage of Islamic architecture are a source of inspiration to young people as they visualise the magnificent achievements of the previous ages. These textbooks will introduce children to many practical aspects of Islam at a basic level in an interesting and engaging manner. I sincerely hope they will also be a source of guidance for young people.

I would like to thank all those who have been involved in this wonderful project over the past decade: Maulana Saffiulla Chishti, Hafiz Sadat Ahmed, Hafiz Mohammad Muntazir, Nabeel Akhtar, Atif Hussain, Ghufran Shah, Sajhd Hussain and Zeeshan Ahmed for the illustrations.
I hope this book will be an inspiring resource for both teachers and children.

Dr Musharraf Hussain
(al-Azhari, OBE, Chief Imam Karimia Institute)
Nottingham, UK