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Introduction to One-to-One Classes

Our one-to-one classes are flexible and personalised classes for every student. They can take place when it is convenient for you and the progression in a one-to-one class is far better than a group class. Students progress much quicker with private tuition and really excel in their understanding of Islam and Quran reading.

We have a number of one-to-one classes with different prices. Please navigate further down the page to get more information on when the one-to-one classes take place and what the prices are.

what topics are covered in the classes?


The Majestic Quran

This reader-friendly translation of the Quran will help students understand the section being read, and learn the moving and transformative message of the Quran. There are 1500 sections with headings. The infallible word of Allah is a literary masterpiece of breath-taking beauty, revealed by the Most Kind and Loving Lord in an authoritative yet gentle, poetic language.

Students will learn to read the Quran as well as read the translation together in English. The Majestic Quran is easy to read, with topical headings, lessons for life, and written in plain English. The aim is to connect with the understanding of the Quran at an early stage.


The students will start with Qa’idah which is designed to teach young people how to read the Quran. The books are full of stimulating graphics with a simple layout that provides an opportunity for pupils to learn Arabic with fun and ease. Pupils learn phonics, how to form words and read short sentences in preparation for moving up to actually reciting the Quran.

The Let’s Learn to Read the Quran Levels 1 & 2 introduces children to the Arabic alphabet, the beginning, middle and end forms of letters, the Fathah, Kasrah and Dhammah. There are plenty of exercises that ensure the pupils have plenty of opportunities to consolidate what they have learnt.

The Let’s Learn to Read the Quran Level 3 continues on from Level 2. Pupils are introduced to the Jazam/Sukoon, Tanween, Shaddah, Madd and so on, presented in a bright, colourful way, guaranteed to keep pupils engaged whilst they are learning to read Arabic.

The Let’s Learn to Read the Quran Level 4 is actually an introduction to the Quran. Pupils are not accustomed to reading long passages of texts as presented in the Quran at this stage so level 4 introduces them to long sentences and long passages of the continuous Arabic text. Pupils are taught how to develop their breathing and eye movement so they can recite fluently.

Islamic Studies

Our Let’s Learn Islam books aim to teach children the key skills that will help them to become good Muslims through learning their beliefs, manners, morals and the beautiful life example of the blessed Prophet. They will also learn how to pray and all the details of Fiqh of prayer.

The books are a response to the need of teachers and children in the Quran School. It will enable teachers to teach students to understand their beliefs, attitudes, morals and manners that will shape their worldview. Children between the ages of 7 and 11 should begin to take responsibility for their own personal hygiene, learn how to; do Wudhu, pray, develop Islamic manners and have moral virtues.

The course is divided into the following six sections;

  1. Aqaid – beliefs of Islam
  2. Fiqh – detailed rulings about worship and other aspects of daily life
  3. Seerah – the biography of the blessed Prophet
  4. Memorisation of Du’as and Surahs
  5. Morals – the training, which enables a person to be good, kind and caring
  6. Manners – polite and courteous ways of dressing, speaking and eating.

These series have been written to meet the requirements of the syllabus developed at Karimia Institute. The generous use of visual images has made this series highly attractive, beautiful and inspiring. We have tried to balance the traditional approach of learning the memorisation of the Du’a and Surahs with the understanding of the teachings of Islam. The images have been carefully selected to make children think about God’s magnificent creation, thus strengthening their Imaan, and giving them a deeper understanding of life. The pictures of rich heritage of Islamic architecture are a source of inspiration to young people as they visualise the magnificent achievements of the previous ages. These textbooks will introduce children to many practical aspects of Islam at a basic level in an interesting and engaging manner.

Tokens Of Wisdom

This book helps tremendously in developing young people’s character, it contains 45 topics that fall into three main categories:

  • Spiritual Values
  • Moral Virtues
  • Social Virtues

Each topic is supported by verses from the Quran and Ahadith from Riyadh us-Saliheen, the themes are about issues such as; respecting parents and teachers, modesty, lying and backbiting. The chosen theme is to be introduced each week and talked about for a few minutes every day.

Islamic Posters

We have specially designed these posters on various themes aimed at providing Islamic education for young Muslims. The posters are excellent for use in Outreach Programs, Exhibitions or Classrooms. These posters have been distributed across the UK and are being used by different organisations. These posters can be found in Schools, Mosques, Community Centres and Homes. We use them as a source of inspiration and as a method of educating your students.

how are the classes structured?

Class Structure

Each class has a structure that is followed. The importance of our structure is to encourage covering the Quran and Islamic Studies in the same session. We find that the students engage better and it works well. The class is normally delivered in this way:

  1. Welcome and registration – Recite Surah Fatihah
  2. Qa’idah/Quran reading – Reading the Qa’idah or Quran with English translation 
  3. Let’s Learn Islam – Study Islam using the Let’s Learn Islam Level 1-4 Books
  4. Questions and discussion – Character building and understanding Islam better
  5. Lesson End – Recite Surah Fatihah and Du’as
In some instances, the classes are adjusted as the teacher requires.


The Teachers

Our teachers are all vetted on a number of points to ensure that students get the most out of their learning. All teachers are trained and checked up on. Some of the vetting criteria include:

  • Excellent Arabic and Tajweed skills
  • Good English reading, speaking skills
  • Good Islamic knowledge
  • Understanding children of the West
  • Good level of experience in teaching children
  • Polite and personable character
  • Flexible and willing to adapt to each student

how much are one-to-one classes?

Pricing Options

Our lesson pricing can be tailored for your needs. If you want just one hour a week or if you prefer more than that, we have a package that suits you. Here are some examples of our one-to-one classes and their pricing:

Class Type
Class Duration
Price (Monthly)
One-to-One International Teacher
4hrs per month
One-to-One International Teacher (POPULAR)
8hrs per month
One-to-One UK Teacher
4hrs per month
One-to-One UK Teacher (POPULAR)
8hrs per month

Interested? Why not get a free trial class?

Interested? Why not get a free trial class?



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